Hi, I’m Tammy.

I’m on a mission to live life with passion and purpose so I can die a happy old woman with no regrets.

I want to help you live that kind of life, too. You deserve a life that feels as easy and comfortable as slipping into your favourite comfy sweater, instead of one that feels like putting on that scratchy old wool turtleneck your Aunt Betty knitted you.

Death has always been my greatest teacher

I’m comfortable around death. I’ve been with seniors as they prepare for, and meet, their final moments. I’ve helped people recover from grief and complete pain from their past.

And, every year, I humbly walk the halls of the Princess Margaret Cancer Center for my annual oncology appointment. You see, when I was 6 years old, I was diagnosed with a Wilms tumor. I was thrown into a new way of life that quite frankly, sucked. I had surgery, chemo, radiation … the whole nine yards, and ever since I have to get checked out on the regular, just in case. Every year I’m grateful for another year cancer-free, and respectful of the reminder that life is fragile, and demands to be lived now, today.

I firmly believe my early brush with mortality awakened me to a deep sense of how precious life is.

That’s why, when my inner knowing slapped me upside the head with the certain knowledge that I needed to spend a good length of time in the land down under (you’re welcome for the earworm), I traded in my cushy government job for a sturdy backpack.

That’s why, when my soul called me to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, I started planning my route.

That’s why I give life my full attention – and I want to help you do the same.

What I’ve Learned:

Letting go is true liberation

Liberation has been a theme throughout my life. My parent’s support and love liberated me to kiss the corporate life goodbye and explore the world. My regular contact with the idea of death liberated me to see my life with a fresh perspective.

But I learned the most powerful lesson in letting go from my beloved Nana as I stood beside her deathbed, knowing that she’d waited for me to get back from Africa just as she’d promised to.

As my wonderful Mom leaned forward and whispered those four simple words “you can go now”, the sense of relief and liberation in the room was palpable. In that moment I truly understood that letting go is freedom. Knowing that I was home safe, and that her family were right there with her, freed my Nana to do what she was longing to do – move on.

We all need to let go sometimes. Maybe we need to let go of a person or a situation. Sometimes we need to let go of an idea, an old story we’ve told ourselves, a reason “why not.”

I’ve spent my life tossing out old maps and outdated guidebooks so I can write new ones that take me where I want to go. I’ve learned that when we let go of what holds us back, we’re free to go where our soul urges us to go.

Now I share what I’ve learned with my clients so they can take a deep sigh of relief and put down the things they no longer need, freeing them to stride, unburdened, towards the experiences they want.

It doesn’t matter whether you know which adventure you’re craving or it feels more like destination unknown. Let’s walk this path together and find the life that’s calling you.

I believe in starting at the end

When you hand-craft your optimal ending, you can stride confidently through life’s THRILLING PLOT TWISTS, STARTLING CLIFF HANGERS, and arrive at MOMENTS OF QUIET CONTENTMENT. Design the space between now and then with HEARTFELT WISHES, ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES, and ACTIONABLE PLANS.

Blaze your own trail

Break away from the safety of mediocrity and run full-tilt toward
Throw out the wrinkled maps and outdated guidebooks of stories past and heed your soul’s yearning for a life lived COLOURFULLY (and maybe even outside the lines.)

Travel light

Discard the weight of perfectionism and breathe in the freedom that comes from clarity and conviction.


Pack your suitcase with anticipation of memoir-worthy milestones, exhilarating exploits, and the abundant joy of a life lived solely on your terms.


Choose your own adventure

You are the EXPLORER, and the GUIDE.
Embrace the unapologetic audacity of traveling the map of your design.


Want to work with Tammy?

Tammy Faulds is an ICF certified coach, Grief Recovery Specialist®, The Daring Way™ certified facilitator, 500hr certified yoga teacher, and all-around perspective shifter who uses her skills to help people around the world rewrite their inner stories and choose their own adventures through life. Tammy has an arsenal of techniques and life experience under her belt, from positive psychology and guided meditation to being a cancer survivor and world traveller. Tammy believes that death is a part of life and that facing it doesn’t have to be scary – it can be beautiful, fascinating, thought provoking, and the key to a more fulfilling life, right now.