We have a history of being dismissive (or downright rude) of the grief that accompanies pet death, it's time we change that.
Have you ever stopped to think about how your words influence your world? And more importantly how a simple shift in words can positively affect your world/life experience?
Busyness has become our favourite tool for showing everyone how indispensable/ loveable/ needed/ worthy we are...and it needs to stop.
It becomes this delicate balancing act. Not too soon. But not too long. Walking a line you didn’t create. Learn more about love after loss.
It’s a feeling that there’s something “off” but you can’t quite put your finger on it. It’s a restlessness. And moving forward in any direction can feel daunting.
Action is necessary to heal grief. Fear can paralyze us in our suffering if we don’t take action to heal. If you're ready to move forward, keep reading...
Every year I’m reminded of my mortality...a little love note from death herself. You see, I was diagnosed with cancer at age 6 (spoiler alert: I'm still alive).