When I stumbled upon Kathleen Shannon in 2012 I wasn’t in the best of moods.  I had just found out that I missed the application deadline for Brené Brown’s ‘The Daring Way‘ course and I was heartbroken because I felt the timing was finally right and well, it obviously wasn’t.  The course was sold out and I’d have to wait another year to apply.




I was frustrated because deep down I knew Brené’s course was the one of the missing pieces in my coaching biz and I saw it as the next natural step.  I had finished my Professional Coaching Certification and just graduated from my Yoga Teacher Training and now I was eager to learn more about shame and vulnerability because I truly believe those two nasty gremlins are what hold us back from going after what we really want in life.

But I was denied access.


And it was my own fault.


Double Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


But as I’ve learned, life has it’s own rhythm and timing and that wasn’t the time for me to do The Daring Way because, well, I had my own shit to deal with first.  And that was getting my blended personal & professional voice out there and online…which is no easy task.

I had successfully procrastinated on this for a long time because I honestly didn’t know where to start.  I was overwhelmed with thoughts of ‘how much of my personal life do I put into my coaching biz?’ and ‘should I keep my personal life separate or blend the two?’  And if I DO blend the two, how then do I incorporate my yogi/spiritual side with my love of spreadsheets and planning with my love of travel and music??

So I started researching online about how to build my brand and I stumbled upon Braid Creative and fell immediately in love.  I connected with Kathleen and Tara (both sisters and biz partners) because they understood my frustration about ‘blending’ my online voice and they too came from marketing/advertising backgrounds.  But what made me fall really hard for them was Kathleen’s book review of ‘Daring Greatly’.

I know a sign when I see one.

One courageous email to Kathleen later I quickly became a client and signed up for The Braid Method.  They’re the masterminds behind the snazzy look n’ feel of my brand and they kindly kicked my ass to where it needed to be online.  Through our journey Kathleen and I became friends and although we’ve never met in person, she’s someone who has always been a source of constant inspiration to me.

So fast-forward to 2015 and while I’m on vacation in Nicaragua I get a note from Kathleen saying ‘I’m talking about you in my podcast today!’  I was beyond flattered that she thought of me and amazed that I’d be getting some promotion while on vacation!  How cool is that?  So now I’m taking the time to sing her praises because as you can tell, she’s pretty awesome AND she’s cooked up some really cool resources for anyone looking to better their brand and get themselves out there.

First off is her phenomenal weekly podcast Being Boss that she does with Emily Thompson of Indie Shopography .  It was the first podcast I ever listened to and it’s now also my favourite.  I’d highly recommend this podcast to any creative entrepreneur who wants to feel like they’re out having a coffee with two kick-ass biz owners who understand where you are and where you want to go.  They talk about everything from how to sell without feeling sleezy, how to collaborate, how to hire a coach (featuring yours truly) and basically how to Be A Boss.  They’re an absolute delight to listen to on my walk to the office and you can find them on iTunes and other spots like SoundCloud.

Secondly, the gals at Braid Creative also recently took a big leap and poured their hearts and souls into their latest e-course which is basically The Braid Method for DIY-er’s and it’s.simply.amazing.  Having been through The Braid Method myself, I was curious to see how this e-version compared and as I worked through the beautifully curated content and worksheets I was blown away.  I could tell how thoughtfully this e-course was laid out so that the robust content doesn’t feel overwhelming.  And interestingly enough, while working on it at a coffee shop my friend Orie stopped by and ended up staying awhile and going through a couple of the worksheets with me – and she isn’t even an entrepreneur!  She too loved the thought-provoking questions and fun worksheets that got her wheels turning…maybe she’ll be opening her own business before we know it.  🙂

As such, I wanted to help promote The Braid Method Branding E-Course because women helping women is always a good thing.

So check out my gal pals over at Braid Creative and listen in to Being Boss…they’re pretty awesome if I do say so myself.






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