When we start new chapters in our lives we’re truly energized by the freshness of it all.

A clean slate.

Space to create.

An inspiring list of ‘to do’s’ that detail all the things we’d like to accomplish.

●  Eat less sugar
●  Exercise everyday
●  Greens for lunch
●  Walk to work
●  Cut down on social media
●   See friends in real life – whaatttt?!

These are all well-intentioned and great goals to have. They’ll likely lead to feeling better physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Who doesn’t want more of that in their lives?!

And if we try to do all of it, all at once, it could also lead to burn out.

There’s something to be said for choosing ONE (yes, one) thing and giving it your full undivided attention.

This is not a new idea. In fact, it’s from over 5000 year old yogic philosophy – the yoga sutras. And this little tidbit of ‘choose one thing’ is #2 of #196 sutras contained in that text.  Thus, it’s not a new idea but in our hyper-connected-multi-tasking world, it’s definitely a novel practice.

And I get stuck on it allllll the time.

You want me to CHOOSE ONE thing?!  But I’m a mutli-tasker maven! I pride myself on being able to cook dinner, bang out 5 texts, water the plants, like 20 posts on Instagram, and sweep the floors at the same time!

But, how long can you sustain that action for?  Not very long.

Which is why it pays to just pick ONE thing and FOCUS on it for a sustained period of time. Your ability to do this actually shows a lot about who you are as a person. What you pick means it’s important to you. The focus and attention you give to it shows your dedication and commitment to yourself.

And when you do that, you build SELF-TRUST because you’re proving to your own damn self that you’re reliable, accountable, and can set boundaries. You can make a promise and follow through. And this my friend, also builds CONFIDENCE.

Sounds simple right?

Well, how many times have you been distracted during a conversation with a friend? (put the phone down!) Or burnt those veggies in the oven because you were too busy doing something else (*cough cough*)?

Let’s give it a go and remember these 3 words:




I’m choosing to focus on making my bed every damn day. Why?  Mainly because this badass marine inspired me. He’s right, if you get this one thing done, then you’ll have accomplished something and can choose to focus on the next thing.  It’s like those old school phone operator boards – plug into ONE THING at a time.  One conversation. One person. Then when you’re done unplug and plug into the next thing.

One cord = one plug. Not one cord = plugging into 5 different things.

May seem trivial. May seem simple. May even seem stupid. But how you do one thing is how you do everything.

The hardest part can be choosing that one thing.

Perhaps start with making your bed, it might just change the world.