Diving inward with Alicia ~ a coaching case study


My clients are incredible.  Period.


I’m often overwhelmed with emotion when they write me detailing an ‘ah-ha’ moment(s).  From reconciling with their mother after 10 years of estrangement, to realizing their worth and leaving a toxic relationship, to graduating from grad school in their 40’s when they thought they were ‘too old’ to go back to school.

To have witnessed their growth, their struggles, their triumphs, and to share in their journey of deep discovery about themselves is such an honour.  Their courageous, willing, and compassionate souls cause me to feel continually blessed, amazed and abundantly grateful.

Seriously.  I just wrote that and I meant every word.


It feels great to be a part of their transformation and see their world open up in ways they never thought possible.  It’s no wonder I love coaching so damn much!


Now back to my clients – they vary in terms of geography, needs, and goals but they’re alike in that they’re feeling super frustrated, wildly unsure, mega stuck, and well, exasperated.  But as I work with each and every one of them I realize that we human beings are really are more alike than we are different.  Even though each client starts at their own unique place, they all end up in the same wide open, realized, hopeful, excited, positive, beaming and energized space that they had been dreaming of.

And, when I find a good story, I want to share it with the world.  So, with her permission, I’ve decided to highlight Alicia’s transformational journey as I think we can all identify with her story.  My hope is that through Alicia’s courageous and vulnerable words, you too will be inspired to change how YOUR story ends.


So let me introduce, the phenomenal and fiesty, Alicia.


Alicia is in her 30’s, an actress and personal trainer in L.A. who also has aspirations of being a writer.  As you can plainly see, she’s gorgeous and has a wicked personality to boot.  Oh, and she also has a body to die for (remember, she’s a personal trainer), is very self-aware, focused, determined, and the epitome of health.  How could THIS girl have any issues right?  She’s living the life!  But despite her beautiful exterior, Alicia struggled with inner gremlins that looooved to feed her head with negative self-talk that left her feeling undeserving, unfulfilled, unworthy, and unloved.  And just like any other powerful woman, she thought she could do it alone.  It’s how she got THIS far right?  Just power through, don’t listen to those dang gremlins, shove down the emotions, and basically ‘suck it up buttercup’.

As you can probably tell, that method wasn’t really working for her anymore.

Alicia’s goals included immediate and tangible ones like “take new headshots” and “break up with coffee” to bigger pictures items like “learn to trust myself and love myself” and “discover my boundaries, fears, and reasons why I hold myself back from success”.


Any of those sound familiar?



As we began coaching, I also related with her inner gremlins of perfectionism, people-pleasing, and being a ‘Control Queen’.  What was that again about being more alike than we are different?!

Thankfully, Alicia’s ability to laugh at herself carried us through some difficult Skype conversations and her honesty, grace, vulnerability, and willingness to face those scary inner gremlins allowed her to open her mind, heart, and powerful arms to a less stressful and more joyfully abundant life.  Alicia is now able to just BE which allows her to enjoy the full breadth of life instead of always being in a state of DOING, striving and straining.

Within our first session, Alicia was already having ‘lightbulb’ moments and they continued until she was able to recognize the own light within herself.  Below is an excerpt of her note to me that will detail a bit more of her journey through her eyes.

“I didn’t know I needed life coaching until a friend said, “You know, I think my life coach would be really great for you.” (Sure I thought to myself). Then months passed. I continued to do what I always do stubbornly, attempt to “fix my bleep” by myself. I was like, “I’m fine. It’s just X, Y and Z, better known as, blah blah blah.”

A short time thereafter, still stuck in my muck, I emailed my friend and once again she said, “I think my life coach would be really great for you.” This time I said, “But I don’t have any money (one of my EXCUSES) and secondly, I have already done therapy!” She replied with, “Ok.” I could see she wasn’t going to push me, but her simple words left the carrot dangling. So I immediately got online and hunted down Tammy!

What the heck was I waiting for? By the end of session one I was already identifying my patterns, fears, and stirring up major triggers I had been trying to hide. Obsessed with work but having lost self-confidence I wasn’t sleeping at night. Finances troubled me and what ultimately I think surprised me about life coaching is that what I thought we would be talking about wasn’t the issue/problem at all that we addressed right away. Tammy was able to get right down to the heart of the matter and show me how this area over here could ultimately improve the worried area I was so concerned with.

I went from being a terrible communicator about my true desires and feelings to being honest Nelly at every chance. I speak up, apologize, listen, and talk instead of running, lashing out, being angry, or acting as if I am unhurt or bothered. If I fall back, I immediately see it, and mend it. I don’t let time pass anymore. Another great outcome of my sessions have been money making!  Ka-ching, cash rolls in now, and while this is one of my more difficult issues, Tammy helped me see the difference between the scarcity and abundance mindset. It sounds simple but her depth of knowledge runs so deep you can’t even imagine what a tangled web we weave and how easily she dissects through it and shines light!

Tammy changed my life. She inspired my return to my book and even found me an authors experience to harness that creative outlet all while being challenged, which she knows I love. Over our Skype sessions, I cried, laughed, wanted to run away, and at times didn’t even speak, but each session was powerful, insightful, and healing in it’s own right.

If you have the opportunity or willingness to be magnificent then jump into her hands and let her carry you to the next level. It’s the greatest ticket you’ll ever purchase. My world has become brighter and more fulfilled. I even crave talking to her now that my ‘first flight’ has been completed.”

Alicia, you are a DYNAMO.  It has been an absolute honour to work alongside you and to witness your transformation.  You are an inspiration and I can’t wait to see what your ‘next chapter’ has in store.

As for you, if you identify with Alicia’s story, remember, you are not alone.  I  know it can be really hard to admit you can’t do it on your own, especially when you’re a strong and independent woman.  I know this because it’s precisely why I burnt out in my previous careers; I was too scared to ask for help.  But I learned there is a way out of those murky and confusing waters; all you have to do is reach out and ask and I’ll be happy to help get you the clarity you crave.

Are you ready to write YOUR own ending or are you going to let those gremlins write it for you?  Your choice.




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