When you don’t know what to do, just do this one thing


Sounds trivial right?  You do that without thinking every.damn.day.


But how often do you use your breath as a TOOL?


Our breath is an excellent barometer for how we’re feeling.  Breath is short and quick?  Perhaps you’re feeling anxious or scared.  Breath is slow and steady?  Then you’re likely feeling calm and grounded.

Breath work (pranayama) is our easiest to access, yet most overlooked tool that we have.  So, when you’re feeling agitated, angry, frustrated, confused, anxious, or overwhelmed…STOP what you’re doing…take a moment, close your eyes, and simply notice your breath.  Feel it flowing in and out of your nostrils.  Notice how many counts/beats it takes you to inhale, and exhale.  Then see if you can even out the count on the inhale and the exhale.  For example, in for 4 counts, and out for 4 counts.

Then bring your attention to your exhale and try to lengthen it by just one beat (in for 4, out for 5 counts)…still breathing through your nose.  On the next exhale, simply exhale out of your mouth instead.  Then bring your attention to all those emotions that got you all riled up and visualize yourself exhaling each one of them out of your mouth.  Forcefully exhale all that useless negativity out of your mouth and squeeze all the way down to your belly to ensure you get every last little nasty word OUT of your body.




Then breathe in the calm, serenity, peace, and ease into all that space you just made in your body.  Feel it wash over you as you open your eyes and face the next moment with a renewed sense of clarity and calm.


When life gets overwhelming…JUST BREATHE.

  1. Stop
  2. Notice the breath
  3. Even out the breath
  4. Lengthen the exhale
  5. Exhale the emotions out of the mouth
  6. Breathe in the calm


‘As the breath goes, so the mind goes.’ (‘Callecittam Callevittam‘)





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