Finding a silver lining

Canadians are coming off a BIG national high with our Gold Medal win in Men’s Hockey.  And deservedly so, we fought hard for that win (LATVIA!  USA!) and trust me, we Canucks don’t get that patriotic and ecstatic about just anything.

And don’t get me started on the Women’s Gold Medal win!  My heart is still recovering from that game.  Wowza.

But riddle me this…

Why has silver become a ‘non-precious’ metal?

And not just in the Olympics.  In anything.  Any sport, any competition, heck a SPELLING BEE.  Silver just gets tossed aside…usually in disgust.

We’ve all seen the look of sheer defeat, disappointment, heartache, agony, and shame.  It breaks my heart.  And I guarantee they’re not feeling that because other people are telling them they suck.

Nope, they’re doing that all on their own.  It’s a one-person job.

Yep, our inner gremlins looooove to see us fail.  I would have paid anything to have had a tape recorder in the heads of the American women’s hockey team the other day.  Actually no, I already know what their inner gremlin party looked like.  They had a heyday up in there, slugging back Molson beers and dripping poutine down their chins as they spit out profanities like a master rapper (but not our beloved Drake ;))  Yep, those nasty gremlin dudes would have kicked them when they were down.  HARD.  And confirmed their worst fears that they are indeed a big ol’ loser and that they deserved that loss because they just.aren’t.good.enough.

Gawd I hate those gremlins when they come a knockin’.

So what to do?  Well, sometimes humour helps ease the pain as Seinfeld hilariously pointed out – “second place is the first place loser.”

But like most anything in life, I always say…

it’s all a matter of perspective.

Think about a time when you fell short.  Perhaps it was when you bombed a presentation.  You lost your friend’s pet.  You forgot your Mom’s birthday.  In that moment, do you say to yourself ‘I’m such a loser’?

Or perhaps if you’re an Olympian do you say ‘I LOST GOLD‘?

Well, what if you said ‘I won silver‘ instead?

Notice your inflection even when you read those words now.  Notice your body language.  Notice your energy levels.  Notice how you respond.

I won silver!

Notice which words make you feel better.  Which makes you excited, happy, abundant and hopeful (and which ones make you feel defeated, unworthy, and shameful)?

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather seek out more joy in life rather than choosing to suffer.

So what do you want in life?  More joy, happiness, and contentment?

Then SHIFT YOUR PERSPECTIVE.  FIND THE SILVER LINING!  (and try yoga…just sayin’)

Because the outcome isn’t going to change.  What happened, happened.  Choose to reflect on all the hard work, dedication, perseverance, and amazing gazelle-esque strides you’ve made to get this far instead of just focusing on the one mere stride that didn’t go to plan.  And be proud of all you’ve accomplished because we all take what we do for granted way too often.

That presentation I nailed?  Pfft, anyone could have done it.

That present for Mom that made her beam from ear to ear?  Meh, she would have done the same for me.

That dog/cat/iguana you lost?  It came back…turns out it just wanted to be in the sun for awhile.

BE PROUD.  STAND TALL.  Because life is too damn short to let those stupid gremlins steer your ship and sink you like the Titanic.

And if you don’t believe it, well, know that I believe in your inherent greatness simply because you’re reading this post.  Yes, dear reader…. I believe in you.  1000%.

Need further proof?  Listen to my friends…


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