My energy. My problem.

As I sat down to write this post, I stared at a blank page. I’d been overwhelmed with work, not feeling 100%, and the overall craziness of the past week, weeks actually, had zapped any and all of my creative juices.

This “writer’s block” lasted for a couple of weeks. I grew increasingly frustrated as I watched that incessant cursor blink. Mocking me. Taunting me.

Then a wine induced conversation with a friend made me realize that I was running on empty. It was so obvious, but I just couldn’t see it for myself.

And, I teach this stuff.

My energy was going in one direction – out to my business and the multiple events that were all seemingly happening at once.


But, nothing was coming in.


I wasn’t doing my yoga practice. I wasn’t getting enough sleep. Or going on a hike. Or relaxing at a coffee shop with a friend. All of these things replenish my stock of energy.  And, I know this.

Yet, I did nothing.

And, here I was staring at my computer screen, tired, drained and uninspired.

My protective defenses were nowhere to be found.

Depending on my mood/location/brain, I think of it like a buzzing force field or a pair of swinging saloon doors where energy comes sweeping in and bursting out in an ever-constant rhythm.  But right now it felt like the doors at the “I’m OK Corral” had been blown off their hinges.  And in this lawless town, there is only one rule that is universally understood and never challenged:


The Law of Supply and Demand


On a daily basis, we give our energy to our job, our partner, our children, our friends, and our parents. And, we do so gladly and with love (most of the time).

When our energy supply is full, the thick force field around us buzzes and nothing trivial can penetrate. We can juggle the nuances of our life with little effort. We feel rooted, strong, impenetrable.

What I tend to forget, is that the saloon door swings both ways. I do not have an endless supply of energy. I have to fill up. Without this necessary step of self-care, the vibrant force field begins to dwindle and will eventually turn off.

Leaving us defenseless.

Our tolerance is depleted and the trivial things that pop up are magnified, affecting us more than necessary.  I don’t think I need to explain these moments to you as we’ll all experienced them (perhaps even today).   Which is just further proof that the work is never over.

To avoid this outbursts and post-explosion embarrassment, it is sooo important to take the time necessary for self-care. Whether it’s 5 minutes a day or a long weekend getaway.

Here are a few ways that I know rebuild my energetic barrier:

1. 3 minutes of quiet breathing (I heard that eye roll, you HAVE 3 minutes in a day)

2. Taking a hike – get out in nature!

3. Sit in a park or bookstore and read

4. Yoga and Meditation

5. Soak in a warm bath (vino recommended)

6. Curl up with the kitties on the couch

7. Gather around friends that fill you up

What’s your favourite way to fill up your proverbial cup – refasten those doors, reinforce the hinges, and keep out the unwanted riffraff?

What will you do TODAY to implement some much needed self-care?


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