Overcoming overwhelm with one simple question

Overwhelm is easy for me.  I’m a multi-passionate woman who strives for perfection in all I do.  Why would I choose to half-ass something when I know that if I put my mind to it, I can figure anything out.  Which works – some of the time.  But most of the time?


It’s paralyzing.


I look at my to-do list and wonder how in the hell would Beyoncé even tackle this list?


Enter – YOGA.


Yes, this ancient practice has been my saving grace, my source of trust, my grounding, my clarity and my calm.

Just this week I skipped my morning yogic ritual for ONE DAY and immediately felt the effects.  I was so stressed, harried, and emotional that I thought I might lose my marbles.  And to be honest, I kinda did.  I wasn’t myself and it wasn’t until I laid my head down on my pillow that night that I realized the direct connection to skipping my morning practice.

Now, lemme tell you, I’ve only been doing this morning practice for a few months, and even then it hasn’t been a CONSISTENT practice until recently.  But one thing I know for certain is that THIS.SHIT.WORKS.  Taking the time to stop, breathe, connect, and open your mind proves to provide a few key benefits for me:

  1. I start my day on a more vibrant and healthy vibration
  2. I FEEL better knowing that I’m made a connection to the power/energy/universe and that it has my back
  3. I get immediate clarity on my next steps which helps curb the overwhelm
  4. It calms my mind and gets me laser-focused so that I can be MORE effective throughout the day


And I do this all in 10 minutes.




You kidding me?  That’s a damn fine ROI if you ask me.


If you’d like to give it a try, start with this:

  1. Determine a ‘trigger’ so that you’ll remember to do it in the morning….maybe it’s before your feet hit the floor, or immediately after you hit the off button on your alarm.  Mine is to wake up, go the bathroom, and go right back to bed and meditate (because otherwise my bladder overrides my brain!)
  2. Set a timer for 10 minutes (I use my iPhone and cue the lovely ‘chimes’ sound)
  3. Get comfy in a seated position and straighten your spine…you’ll know you’re in a good seated position when your breath can easily flow down to your belly and back out.  Get the wiggles out of your body, make your hands happy by resting them wherever feels good, and gently close your eyes
  4. Start with bringing your awareness to your breath – which can be oddly short and jagged after a deep sleep
  5. Keep smoothing and lengthening your breath out until it’s an equal number in, and an equal number out (sometimes this can take 8 of my 10 minutes to do!)
  6. Once you get your breath and mind calm and centered, it’s playtime!  Use this time however you best see fit…you can ask for guidance on a particular question, ask what your next best step is, take time to visualize your ‘best case scenario’ for the day/week/year/life, or continue to focus on your breath and use it as a healing tool by bringing your breath to areas of your body that may need some love and healing (i.e. if you have knee pain, visualize you sending your breath to your knee where it provides healing oxygen to all the cells there)
  7. If you find your mind wanders easily and gets distracted, then focus on the sounds you hear around you.  Pay attention to them and notice if they start to disappear soon after.
  8. Know that there is no wrong way to do this!
  9. I repeat, there is NO WRONG WAY to do this.  You simply taking the time for yourself is absolutely enough to reap the benefits.


So yes, the way to overcome overwhelm is to take a few minutes and connect with yourself.  Ask yourself this one simple question – ‘what is the next best step?’  It doesn’t need to be any harder than that (although we like to make life harder for some twisted reason).  If your overwhelm is because you don’t know where to start – stop and ask yourself that question and wait for the answer (which sometimes comes immediately and sometime you have to be a little more patient). But trust that you know the answer.  No need to overthink it, rationalize it, ask your friends about it, or read a book about it.  Just do it.  And then on to the next best step and the next and the next.

Oprah sums this up beautifully by stressing the importance of making this time for yourself a priority.  It’s necessary, not negotiable.  Commit to it for a week and see how you feel.  See if it invokes calm and clarity in your daily life.  And prepare to be amazed because as I’ve learned time and time again #thisshitworks




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