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Contemplating death, loss, and grief isn’t at the top
of most people’s to-do lists.


You’ve likely sprouted a few grey hairs since you started your to-do list – and thinking about loss and death likely isn’t on it. But it should be …

You’ve got dreams that get your heart racing as you lie wide awake, butterflies dancing a conga through your stomach. Because you know you want the life you’re envisioning. You know it’s meant for you. But you’ve got bills to pay, laundry to do, counters to clear (how does one accumulate so much paper in the digital age?!)…basically a bazillion and one things to do, so you sigh and get up the next morning ready to face all the “shoulds” and “musts”, telling yourself that you’ll find time to bring your dreams to life. One day.


But how often do we stop to think that
one day we’re going to run out of “one days”?


Death is inevitable and when you look that fact square in the face, it’s not scary – it’s wildly liberating. It makes you want to grab life by the lapels, plant a big juicy wet one on its lips, and stare intensely in its eyes before you supermodel spin away towards your most audacious goals.

That novel you want to write. That yoga retreat you secretly want to lead (yes I said lead). That trip to Barcelona you’ve been talking about since we were all dancing the Macarena at weddings.

It’s time to make those dreams happen.
Loss & Life Coaching will show you how.

Embrace loss. Live life.

Loss coaching is life coaching’s smart older sister…and she doesn’t have time for your BS, because neither do you. She knows that by courageously shining a light on your shadows, you’ll see what’s been holding you back in life. You’ll realize what is truly important (and more importantly, what isn’t) in your life. And you’ll be gifted with 100% clarity on what your ideal adventure in this thing called LIFE looks like. 

You know this is your time. You know the only way is forward and the route you take through life is ultimately up to you and you alone. No one is coming to save you. It’s time to design the life YOU want. Loss & Life Coaching will show you how to toss aside old beliefs and stories that no longer serve you so you can:

●  Trade that constant stress that swirls on your shoulder like an infuriating mosquito for the ease, peace, and creativity you’re dreaming of

●  Become a master prioritizer and focus on what really matters to you

●  Get 100% clear on ‘what-the-hell-do-I-even-want?!’ from this one precious life of yours

●  Determine what ‘self-care’ means for you because a bubble bath with wine and chocolate isn’t a cure-all 

●  Stop wasting time, energy and money on things that turn your enthusiasm meter up to medium at best

●  Get unstuck and shove procrastination and perfectionism outta your way

●  Rewrite the stories you’ve been telling yourself that put a pin in your passion and put the kibosh on your confidence

●  Give yourself permission to finally slow down from time to time – life isn’t a race, and when you take a time out, you gain greater clarity and more peace and ease. Who doesn’t want that?!

●  Finally say with conviction “holy shit, my life is finally coming together!”

If you’re still alive

You can change your life.

I know you’re a badass adventurer on the path of life. I also know the view isn’t all sunshiney vistas and cocktails on the beach. You feel the bone-deep ache of a life that’s good, but not enough. That longing, howling even, inside you that urges you to wake up, pay attention and say yes to the wild dreams inside you.

Together we’ll scan the horizon, find out what you really want to yell “yes!” to, and get your feet firmly planted on the path to it.

I’ll be your tour guide to the sometimes daunting terrain within, the places we all avoid looking at, afraid of what we might see. You’ll emerge triumphant with a new perspective on the rivers of strength, resourcefulness and vision that run through the very depths of who you are.

And you’ll be ready to throw out the faded maps that were handed to you by your parents, teachers and friends. People who had the best intentions but didn’t know what you need. Because what you need and deserve is your own customized 3D map in glorious technicolor. It’s time to go off the beaten path and write your own damn guidebook.

Which path will you choose?


Get clarity. Decide your own route. Coaching for intrepid souls who know they’re ready to say yes to liberation, focus, creativity, ease and flow. Step this way and get ready for lasting change. Your adventure starts at $2899 USD for three months.


Be bold. Live brave. Learn why vulnerability is your secret weapon. I’m a certified facilitator of Dr. Brené Brown’s Daring Way™ process. Step this way and discover how to show up 100% in every aspect of your life.  Workshop packages start at $750 USD.
The Grief Recovery Method®


The Grief Recovery Method® is a heart-centred, action-oriented program that is designed to help you complete the pain, isolation, and loneliness caused by loss of any kind. Workshop packages start at $397 USD for 8 weeks.


I’m Tammy. And I think you’re pretty badass.

How do I know? Because you made it here. You’re curious about life and deep down, you know a grand adventure awaits you. And although you’ve already accomplished a lot, there’s so much more you want to see and do.

I also know the road is difficult to see at times. I know your tear-soaked pillow tells the truth of unlived dreams and unacknowledged wildness.

We all want more. More peace, more ease, more creativity. More joy. It took me a good few years (26 if we’re counting) to work up the courage to do what I really wanted with my life. Now, I help people get unstuck so they can live a life that feels like dancing unabashedly in moonlit surf with your best friends in the world.

I’m an ICF certified coach, Grief Recovery Specialist®, 500hr certified yoga teacher and The Daring Way™ certified facilitator, and I’m here to set you on a path that’s breathtaking, wild-hearted, and most of all, unashamedly you.

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