Going from confusion to clarity  results in not only getting unstuck, but also in:

(more energized, filled with vitality, and sleeping better)



(and for themselves…how refreshing)



(because balance does exist)

Check out some of the  big moments and breakthroughs  some of my clients have had!

Loss & Life Coaching

I didn't quite realize the full impact of how grief and the losses in my life were affecting my ability to live my life with hope and positivity. If you are scared to deal with some of the unthinkable and painful losses you have experienced, know you will be cared for and nurtured as you go through this process with the kind and caring guidance of Tammy. The discomfort you may feel is part of the method and when you come out the end of the process, you will feel a level of lightness that is fully worth the initial discomfort. Any loss can impact how we live our lives - death, divorce, loss of health, relationships - we've all been through loss in some form, this is a method that can be really helpful to move through and forward.

Dr. Sheila – Toronto

Since I finished coaching I have been actively taking steps to move forward in my life. Something I stopped doing when my mom passed. If you are hesitant to try, you have nothing to lose. No matter what you think the program is, there is absolutely something in it that anyone can take with them. It's not spiritual, it's practical. What I enjoyed most was having someone who understands what I'm going through listen to me and guide me. Most people don't know what to say to a grieving person and this can make you feel even more alone. Having someone who for a living talks about death has a perspective you won't find from anyone in your life.

Shelby – Toronto

My manager recently passed away and it was very unexpected and sudden. It brought back memories of the deaths of two dear friends and I felt like the ground underneath me was crumbling again. In an instant life changes and I was feeling unsettled. I knew I shut down around death based on my past history, and I was interested in figuring out where/how it was showing up in my life. This process provided me with so many new insights into loss (death and other kinds), that will now help me to quietly show up and not run away from other people's grief (or my own!!!), which had been my go-to behaviour. Working with Tammy and such a great group of participants made it easier and even though everyone's grief, story and experience is different, working with the group makes you feel less alone, and the program gives you a framework and path to recovery.

Sarah – Toronto

At the end of the day it's up to you to live your life to the best of your ability. It's a lot harder to enjoy it when you have a lot of emotional shit you're carrying around. It's not like therapy where you just talk about your feelings...you actually learn practical tools you can use daily. Grief is a real thing. I had one major goal (to get over my ex) and I achieved that AND way more. It's amazing, I'm so happy and feel like a massive emotional load has been taken off!

Ella – New Zealand

I thankfully found Tammy when I needed her help the most. When I came across her work, I was intrigued and wanted to give it a try. I was also a little nervous as I knew there was no magic pill to untangle a lot of the feelings, thoughts, and experiences I had. But Tammy wasn’t afraid of going deeper and gently pushed me to do the same. She asked the right questions and although some of the exercises took a lot of courage, with each session I felt my confidence growing.  My anxiety has decreased significantly and I haven’t had any of my stress associated back pain since working with Tammy!

Yasmine – Japan

I spent a good chunk of my life living in the future where I had all the time in the world to do, see, and experience everything. Then Tammy helped me confront the truth, which is… Spoiler Alert… we’re all going to die and tomorrow is promised to no one. And instead of letting that fear of death overwhelm me with the scarcity of time, Tammy helps you understand, with incredible compassion, light hearted humour, and empowering tools (that I’m still using daily), that death isn’t something to be feared. In fact, death is an incredible gift for you to punch your fears in the face and start living today.

Rob – Toronto

I have nothing but the deepest gratitude towards Tammy for her coaching work with me. I sought Tammy out after I had received a medical diagnosis that pulled the rug out from under me. The work I did under her guidance was profound. She led me through my fears about death with great compassion and I have ruminated over her responses and insights long after each session. Her warmth and professionalism is matched by her sense of humor and her passion working with others to find our most authentic and joy-filled selves. Her guidance leads to practical outward changes as well as inward shifts of consciousness. I recommend her to anyone who wishes to be guided with great care towards the life you dream about living!

Marlene – Los Angeles

I had reaped the benefits of coaching with Tammy before, but her latest course on approaching life with the end in mind has absolutely changed my life. I had so many breakthrough moments and unearthed so many patterns of fear that I'd be cycling through since childhood. I have felt an immense feeling of clarity, relief and excitement since working on Life & Death Coaching. I have made noticeable strides towards my goals and am so pumped up with a new zest for life and living fully!

Daniel – San Diego

I looked forward to each session and they were so full of therapeutic discovery.  I loved laughing and not taking this 'life stuff' too seriously. Most of all, I learned that our time here is short and we are all meant to do something special with the precious journey we've been given.  This process can really can help open eyes, hearts and minds to what comes next and can help us live more fearlessly for today.

Dana – Cleveland

I was skeptical, can you really RECOVER from grief? My experience had made me feel that that was an unlikely prospect. But I can sit here and honestly say that my life has changed since this program. If we do hold onto grief events like boulders in our backpacks, we are all carrying some pretty heavy loads. But this method provides the tools that will help to unload those boulders, one-by-one, and I do feel lighter. Together with Tammy we've unpacked the first one, but maybe it was the largest -- and so I'm standing a little straighter, feeling a little more hopeful.

Kari – Toronto

Working with you has shone the light on my true potential and has enabled me to believe in myself and what I have to offer. You inspired me not only to chase my dreams, but to take the leap sooner than I ever would have dreamed possible. Because of you, I'm now pursuing my purpose, and seeking to live a life that is fully aligned to my core values. Thank you for everything!

Kate – Toronto

The process of turning inwards, self reflecting, and dissecting ones life is a daunting task and one that I had tried my best to avoid.  Tammy made that process as painless as possible as her kind and gentle hand guided me the whole way.  When you work with Tammy you will find that warmth, true empathy, passion, grace, and humour radiate from her. Tammy's approach to her work is soft and steady, yet the change you will feel is profound and everlasting.  Highly recommend!

Megan – Toronto


The Daring Way™

This whole process has already been blowing my mind. I actually have a headache from rethinking what I thought I knew. I'm also retooling my core values by replacing one of them with vulnerability to help remind me that it's okay and important to put myself out there.

Rob – Toronto

Tammy is fabulous, I wish I met her years ago. The knowledge that she brought to the course was invaluable. She did a great job holding the space for us.

Jen – Rochester

This week I found out that due to a restructuring I am losing both of my amazing bosses and I am now reporting to a very negative and not-so-nice person.  My new boss is such a classic 'cheap seats' type that it took me all of hour to realize I don't really give a sh!t what they think of me. And while the people around me are reeling from the news, I'm just floating along, feeling like a badass.   I really do feel this amazing sense of control and perspective.  Preach!  

Jaclyn – Toronto

I learned a lot about who I am, what I want, how I can achieve those goals and where my hang ups are. I always thought I was ambitious but realized how many excuses I had that prevented me from getting what I really wanted done.

Jennifer – Toronto

The Daring Way has provided me with a new and completely surprising awareness of how I was holding myself back - I was slowly closing myself off to people and experiences. Now I've set new expectations of myself. I'm showing up now and comparing myself to others less!

Sarah – Toronto

It's a wonderful experience! An open, loving forum that allows you to explore areas of yourself you may be very aware of OR you may have closed off. It is educational, and full of "ah-ha" moments. It is going to do nothing but better you and give justice to the person you deserve to be.

Rebecca – New York City

Just do it. You can tell yourself all sorts of reasons for why you shouldn’t do it but in the end it will be beyond worth your time. If you are questioning your life or yourself or you just feel like you need a change, this is your catalyst!

Mark – Los Angeles

The thing that is making you feel afraid of taking The Daring Way, is the same thing holding you back in your life....aren't you curious to see what that is, and live without it?

Natalie – New York City


Are you ready to add your tale of triumph to the hundreds of people who have traveled inward?