That’s What She Said

It’s no secret that I loooove the Soulpancake crew and all the sheer amazingness they put out into the world.  My dream is to work/collaborate/create with them (yes, I’m putting that out into the universe!) because I simply love everything they stand for.  They’re not afraid to talk about tough topics, explore different viewpoints, open the door to spirituality, and put as much dang positivity as they can into our hearts and souls.

And although I’ve shared their videos in social media before, I felt compelled to sit down and write about their recent video entitled ‘That’s What She Said – Beauty and Body Image’ because it resonated on a deep level for me and it’s something I believe we ALL struggle with (yes, this includes you men too).  My earliest memories of not feeling beautiful date back to when I was 6 years old.  SIX!  And that feeling of not being pretty enough (although you can put a myriad of words in there ‘I’m not beautiful/smart/sexy/strong/skinny/worthy enough’) can really make your life ugly.

Do yourself a favour and take the few minutes to watch this video where these ladies dare greatly and talk about their struggles with beauty and body image.  Side note: Natalie’s poem at the end took my breath away….wow.

RIGHT?!?  Who doesn’t resonate with what these ladies are talking about?!?  And it’s damn true…


So STOP comparing yourself to others.  And if you can’t stop, then please just pump the brakes and think about how jealous others are of you!  Because I guarantee they are.  I’m fortunate in that I have a best friend whom I’ve had since I was four years old.  FOUR!  She married her high school sweetheart, built a stunning bungalow in the country, has two beautiful children and a steadily flourishing career.  I never had a boyfriend in high school, can barely keep the same address for more than a couple of years, rent my home (and my friend’s kids when my ovaries go into overdrive) and have just started out on a new career as an entrepreneur!  We couldn’t be more opposite!  We laugh about how jealous we are of each other’s lives at times.  How I wish I had the handsome husband and gorgeous kiddies to come home to and how she wishes she took the time to travel, experience the world, and live in a different zip code.

The comparison gremlin is always lurking in our psyche.  So when that bastard creeps in and makes you feel ‘less than’, try and revel in all that is YOU.  Look at how far you’ve come, how many dragons you’ve slayed, how many obstacles you’ve leapt over, how many belly laughs you’ve shared, how many lives you’ve inspired, and how much more awesomeness lay ahead of you.

And remember:




Rinse and repeat until these words are ingrained in your soul.   Feel the warmth and lightness that comes with knowing that:




Thank you Soulpancake and Darling Magazine for this piece.  Keep being awesome.  And let me know when you want to collaborate.  😉



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