These Days

Today is the 1 year anniversary of my return home to Toronto from California.

My gawd, where has the time gone??

To say it’s been a confronting, challenging, transformative, tumultuous, joyful, heart-expanding, eye-opening year would be….well….a good start.  Today, as I reflect back on how far I’ve come, I also reflected back on a blog I was keeping whilst in California and I thought it apropos to share my learnings – again.  Because the lessons I learned on those sunny shores are repeating in my life here again in Toronto.  Life is STILL good (it’s all I can talk about on Facebook this week!) and we have to cherish these times because it can all vanish before we know it.

So without further ado, here’s my original post for your (re)viewing pleasure.

With infinite gratitude and love,


Posted on February 2, 2012 

Life is good.

I am reminded of this daily.  When I wake up to blue skies, sunshine, chirping birds, and palm trees.  When I plan out my week and smile widely knowing that it involves all the things that I loooove doing.  Coaching, writing, yoga, meditation, coffee with friends, ‘True Blood’ marathons (my latest addiction), Skype dates, trying new foods, walks in the sun for no reason, and a whole lot of fun and laughter.

Now don’t get me wrong, this time also includes plenty of  hard work, a LOT of trust, and learning the sweet art of surrender.

This is a truly transitional time in my life.  I am without a steady paycheque, without a ‘real’ home address, and am geographically far away from those I love the most.  It’s no easy feat to follow your heart, throw away the safety net and jump into the unknown.  It’s quite terrifying actually, but also wildly exhilarating and that’s what I’m choosing to focus on – the good stuff.

These days have also allowed me to perform a sort of ‘experiment’ with myself.  To see if the theory of ‘ your thoughts become things’ really works.  If I choose to focus my mind and energy on all the positive vs. the negative, will life indeed begin to turn out that way??  C’mon, it can’t be THAT easy.


Listen, I’m no scientist, or meta-physicist, or spiritual sage but what I can tell you is that it seems to be working.  I’m finding that the more I meditate and focus my energy on what I’d like to happen vs. the ‘worst case scenario’,  the more things start to go that way.  For example, last week I was trying to figure out how I was going to get to and from my yoga classes since I’m car-less here in Cali.  I had 3 girls in class that were candidates – when the first 2 girls didn’t pan out, my thoughts immediately went to ‘well that’s just great….now I’m going to have to rent a car, spend $$ I don’t have, and only drive the damn thing for like 2 hours the whole weekend – what a waste!’  But instead, I caught myself, took a deep breath and re-focused my thoughts and came up with the mantra of ‘the Universe is abundant and I will be provided for’.  I repeated this many, many, many times while walking home from running errands.  It wasn’t easy as my mind liked to wander to the music playing on my iPod, to people watching, to marvelling in the beauty of the flowers and trees I passed.  But when I got distracted, I just re-focused and repeated my mantra again – ‘the Universe is abundant and I will be provided for’.  Before I knew it, I was home and decided that it was time to surrender it to the Universe so it could do it’s job.

But I also knew that I had to put the action behind my thoughts.  So I texted the last girl on the list and waited patiently.  Moments later, she texted me back and excitedly told me she’d be happy to help me out!  Wholly crap, it worked!!  What also blew my mind was that while my mind starting racing to the negative stuff after girl #2 didn’t pan out, I received two super sweet messages from my friend Anthony and my brother that totally turned my day around (and made me cry).  I took that as another affirmation that I indeed would be provided for.  Awwwww.  🙂

The mind is a powerful thing my friend.  And I’m barely scratching the surface here.  Thankfully, I’ll be learning more about the power of meditation during my journey here in Cali and can’t wait to share it all with you.

And I know you’ve heard this a million times before but life is too short!!  I know some days will be very challenging to focus on the positive, but just stop, take a deep breath, and try.  Even if it’s only for a few seconds that you’re able to focus on the good stuff, it’s still more time than you would have had previously.  Not only does it make your life so much more enjoyable, but it also makes you feel damn good.  And who couldn’t use more goodness and love in their lives?!?

So today, I choose to be grateful for all I have and am truly thankful for the health and well-being of those who help make my world sparkle.  Because one of these days it will all be gone, so I am going to lap up every moment of it while I can.  To help reiterate this message, here’s my boyfriend Dave Grohl’s music video for ‘These Days’ – yep, I love the Foo:



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