Lessons from the dock

One of my favourite places is the world is being dockside at a cottage.  It allows me time to reconnect with nature, relax, and recharge.  One summer solstice I spent up at a beautiful cottage and smiled a huge grateful grin as I melted into a Muskoka chair dockside and envisioned my next few months back in Toronto…long sunny days filled with friends and family, yoga, picnics, BBQ-ing whilst sipping sangria on my big beautiful balcony, and enjoying those ‘hot summer nights’ that ohhhh wait, are only going to get shorter and shorter from now on and before I know it another brutal Canadian winter will be kicking my ass and why can’t I kick my OWN ass into gear and get this course written and why am I so far behind on everything in my to do list and when will I ever find 10 hours of intense focus so I can just get some shit done and…..

…just like that, my lovely summer breeze had blown away.

** however, I think I get bonus points for the world’s longest run-on sentence **

But thankfully I was able to snap myself back into gratitude as quickly as it left me.  I leaned back into my chair and laughed at how my mind was so quick to spiral out of control.  This was my time to relax and instead I was beating myself up for taking time off when there was still a ton of things to do.  And although we can’t possess that sort of Jedi-mind-control that forces those thoughts to never creep in (we ARE human after all), I would like to share the skill that allowed me to snap back to the present moment and it’s simply this…




So how do you get it?

Well, you get in touch with yourself by asking some hard questions now so that the answers come easier later.  For example, remember this scene from The Notebook where apparently talented carpenter Noah instantly transforms into a life coach and asks Allie some probing questions??



If you relate to our gal pal Allie here you know it doesn’t feel great to not know the answers to questions like ‘what do you want?’ and ‘visualize your future and tell me what you see’.  And especially in heated moments like that our reptilian brains like to protect us and keep us living small and safe.  But you don’t have to be Allie. You can take charge now so that later on you can make decisions with greater ease, cultivate confidence in everything you do, and get the clarity around what your future looks like (which may, or may not, involve your own hottie carpenter/coach and a big farmhouse).

And because I adore you, I’ve laid it all out in a easy to follow workbook format.  Because although Noah is a handsome bugger, being asked those questions in some intense Georgian heat is not my idea of a good time.  Instead, simply download this workbook, pour yourself a lemonade (it IS summer), settle in and take your time.  It asks some very poignant questions, definitely challenges you to dig deeper, and clears away the clutter in your mind so that you can get the clarity you’re seeking.  You’ll become friendly with your values and vision and then it will take you the extra mile and guide you through to the end zone by breaking down that vision into manageable steps AND teach you ways to hold yourself accountable.

This is all extremely do-able (I know it can feel a little scary to dig deep) but I guarantee it’s worth it because ‘awareness is enough.’  Once you learn all these fascinating things about yourself it’s tough to go back to your old ways.  Simply having the conviction of your values gives you enough footing to get you unstuck and on your path again.

So if you’re interested in being ‘Allie 2.0’ and want to rewrite the ending to YOUR story…then you know what to do.



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